18 June 2009

So . . .

I can finally explain why things have been so quiet around here. In addition to being really busy finding and buying a house (yay!), I've been sleeping and eating for two. We are so excited to be pregnant and while the first trimester was a rough ride, it did teach me a lot about just letting myself scale back (the blog and the Etsy shop had to suffer, and that was that).

I've been debating starting a baby and crafts-for-children blog, but I'm still unsure if this is something I want to do publicly or at all. In the meantime, though, I thought I would explain why things have been so quiet around here! I've missed you!

13 June 2009

One Lovely Blog Award - Thank You!

Thanks to Boston Handmade for giving this little blog the One Lovely Blog Award (I feel even more honored since I've been a very bad blogger lately).

And without further ado, I'd like to pass the award on to my following favorite blogs. I love these blogs for such a variety of different reasons, and they are all great reading in their own way. Visit each one and see:

1. The Minecreations Blog
2. doe-c-doe
3. Abby Try Again
4. The Art of Seeing Things
5. Cicada Daydream
6. Things Are Better with a Parrott
7. Piccolo
8. The Sea Within
9. Bread and Honey
10. Inside a Black Apple

11 June 2009

Yart Sale

Wow, I cannot believe that six days have gone by without blogging. And I still have big news to share with you guys. Just not . . . yet.

In shop news, I'm participating in a Yart (yard + art) sale until June 14. Shipping is FREE on all items in the shop. If you'd like to learn more about what Yart is, click here.

More posts (and news) soon!

05 June 2009

Friday Finds: Night Owl Clock

I've featured clocks by Decoylab before (see here), but this owl one reminded me of all good things, like 1950s childrens books (you know how they have a limited color palette) and vintage wallpaper.

On a unrelated note, I just finished this book, Julia Child's memoir of her early married life in France. As a Francophile and total recipe hoarder, this book had so many things I loved: a sense of humor, a transport back to my own days as a nanny in Provence, and of course, food. I read this book after finishing Julie and Julia last year, which I also loved, and you can read more about here. I am so excited for the movie to come out. Julia Child plus Meryl Streep plus Amy Adams? What could be better?

On another unrelated note, I have lots of news to share in the coming weeks. It is oh-so-exciting, but I have to wait just a bit longer . . . check back soon!

02 June 2009

Summer Sale in the Shop

I've decided to have a summer sale in the shop! For a limited time, all items in the shop are buy one, get one free (higher price prevails and shipping still applies). Simply wait for the revised Paypal invoice or, if you forget, I will refund you the difference. Happy shopping!

Update 6/8/09: This sale has now ended. Thanks!

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