11 November 2009

Holiday Cards Back in the Shop!

It's that time of year and holiday cards are back in the shop! There are only two sets of the reindeer design left, and only one chocolate "Frost" design available. Get them here before they're gone!

01 November 2009

Updates, Personal and Otherwise

Hello, dears. I know I've been quiet the past few months! Thanks for being patient. The pregnancy is progressing beautifully and I can't believe I'm in the home stretch of the last trimester. For those of you that were following my baby blog, I made it private simply because I could not keep up with it! Everything is fine, really.

For those of you following the Etsy shop, I'll have a few updates before the holidays--- mostly buttons and magnets, which make great little stocking stuffers. I'm hoping to save up a bit for maternity leave before I put the shop in vacation mode for, well, as long as I need to! Billy has been sweet enough to help me with the button press and is even interested in learning how to Gocco if we get around to it. I'm a lucky girl to have a husband willing to get crafty with me (he also gets a little thrill each time a button set he made sells. Tee hee!).

In the meantime, here are two new sets for those who love the East Coast:

You can buy them here.

05 September 2009

Busy Again

After I got pregnant this spring I was so exhausted from the first trimester that I didn't really make any new items for the shop. Then I found out that I had some restrictions on pushing/pulling motions (which are big with both the Gocco and the button press) in addition to already being a little wary of the chemicals that might be involved in Gocco'ing.

Enter my wonderful husband, who is willing to learn how to use both and do the push/pull motions while I nag. I'll be slowly updating the shop with new buttons and magnets (like the Woodland magnets above), and we also have plans to do some Gocco holiday cards together soon.

After the baby . . . finally the letterpress! (Ha. I think I'll have time to re-learn letterpress.)

I'm a very lucky girl.

02 July 2009

Where I'll Be

Clearly this blog (and the shop) have fallen by the wayside a bit. I'm trying something new here.

18 June 2009

So . . .

I can finally explain why things have been so quiet around here. In addition to being really busy finding and buying a house (yay!), I've been sleeping and eating for two. We are so excited to be pregnant and while the first trimester was a rough ride, it did teach me a lot about just letting myself scale back (the blog and the Etsy shop had to suffer, and that was that).

I've been debating starting a baby and crafts-for-children blog, but I'm still unsure if this is something I want to do publicly or at all. In the meantime, though, I thought I would explain why things have been so quiet around here! I've missed you!

13 June 2009

One Lovely Blog Award - Thank You!

Thanks to Boston Handmade for giving this little blog the One Lovely Blog Award (I feel even more honored since I've been a very bad blogger lately).

And without further ado, I'd like to pass the award on to my following favorite blogs. I love these blogs for such a variety of different reasons, and they are all great reading in their own way. Visit each one and see:

1. The Minecreations Blog
2. doe-c-doe
3. Abby Try Again
4. The Art of Seeing Things
5. Cicada Daydream
6. Things Are Better with a Parrott
7. Piccolo
8. The Sea Within
9. Bread and Honey
10. Inside a Black Apple

11 June 2009

Yart Sale

Wow, I cannot believe that six days have gone by without blogging. And I still have big news to share with you guys. Just not . . . yet.

In shop news, I'm participating in a Yart (yard + art) sale until June 14. Shipping is FREE on all items in the shop. If you'd like to learn more about what Yart is, click here.

More posts (and news) soon!

05 June 2009

Friday Finds: Night Owl Clock

I've featured clocks by Decoylab before (see here), but this owl one reminded me of all good things, like 1950s childrens books (you know how they have a limited color palette) and vintage wallpaper.

On a unrelated note, I just finished this book, Julia Child's memoir of her early married life in France. As a Francophile and total recipe hoarder, this book had so many things I loved: a sense of humor, a transport back to my own days as a nanny in Provence, and of course, food. I read this book after finishing Julie and Julia last year, which I also loved, and you can read more about here. I am so excited for the movie to come out. Julia Child plus Meryl Streep plus Amy Adams? What could be better?

On another unrelated note, I have lots of news to share in the coming weeks. It is oh-so-exciting, but I have to wait just a bit longer . . . check back soon!

02 June 2009

Summer Sale in the Shop

I've decided to have a summer sale in the shop! For a limited time, all items in the shop are buy one, get one free (higher price prevails and shipping still applies). Simply wait for the revised Paypal invoice or, if you forget, I will refund you the difference. Happy shopping!

Update 6/8/09: This sale has now ended. Thanks!

Flickr Favorites 24

31 May 2009

Bird and Daisy Magnets

I like these; they remind me of some prints we had in our house when I was little. Newly listed in the shop.

29 May 2009

Friday Finds: Byron Print by Amber Alexander

I stumbled upon Amber Alexander's Etsy shop the other day and I am just charmed. The "Byron" bear print, above, is a particular favorite, as is this one.

A Little Garden Update and Recipe Call

I haven't given any updates about the garden since we first started seedlings back in February! Above are pictures of the Swiss chard and spinach. The broccoli and herbs are coming along too, but the peppers that looked so promising are struggling a little bit since transplanting them.

I've been on a bit of an anti-veg kick lately, which is very unlike me, and my usual go-to recipes for spinach and chard seem boring. If anyone has some favorite recipes for greens, I'd love to see them! I can't grow these little plants and then not eat them.

I did make this recipe again, with chard from our CSA box, and it is delightful!

26 May 2009

Green Space Travel Case

Given my love of paint-by-number (see here and here), I am enamored with this DIY project on Design*Sponge. Such a fun idea for city dwellers.

I've Missed You!

If you're a regular reader I'm sure you noticed that I've taken a bit of a blog and Etsy break lately. Things in my work and personal life have really sped up, and something had to give.

The good news is that I am now on summer vacation, so I am hoping to finally organize my work space and get back down to business. Even if it is not technically business per se, there are a lot of projects that I've been playing around with in my head, and I'm looking forward to having the time to try them out. I'm hoping to take on some personal sewing and knitting projects and to do some things just for fun--- I feel like that always re-inspires me.

The Etsy shop, though, will be slowly brought back to life, too. I listed some new magnets today. I think the ones above are my favorites. More updates--- here and in the shop--- soon!

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23 May 2009

(Belated) Friday Find: Tote by Pouch

When I was growing up, my grandmother the notorious pack rat had the biggest stash of fabric I had (and have ever) seen. Much of it was from the 60s and 70s, and this purse reminds me of digging through her pile to make a sundress or some doll clothes. I bet I can even predict what this tote would feel like.

Made from vintage textiles, it's bright, cheery, and even has a cell phone pocket on the inside. By Pouch.

Flickr Favorites 22

15 May 2009

Friday Finds: Milk Glass Luncheon Sets

I have actually had these vintage luncheon sets hearted on Etsy for quite awhile, but I've been keeping them to myself with the intention of buying them. Sure, it might look like pastel marijuana leaves . . . but I love the shape and style. From Peacock Modern.

Five Senses Friday

Unfortunately I have no photo to go with the things I saw this week, and I wish I did:

  • fuzzy Canada goslings huddled with their parents
  • that albino peacock again (one day I must get a picture!)
  • a red and white pinto mare and her leggy colt
  • chubby faced burros pacing in their pen

It is definitely spring with all these baby animals. I love the fact that even though we are still in a city, I see animals like these on a weekly basis.

I've also been listening to this album a lot. It is wonderful.

08 May 2009

Five Senses Friday

I'm actually not going to post much for Five Senses Friday this week because if nauseous was a sense, it's the main thing I'd be feeling. It's the final push for the last two weeks of school, and everyone in the building seems to be getting sick.

So . . . just a picture of one thing I saw. Isn't this cactus bloom the most intense pink ever?

Friday Finds: Labradorite Ring

I'm not a huge wearer of jewelry (pretty much my wedding band, engagement ring, and these earrings), but I am in love with this ring and its simplicity. Labradorite is one of my favorite stones, and it's so pretty in this setting. By Bloom Studios.

06 May 2009


You simply must check out the amazing blog of papercutter Julene Harrison. Above are two of my favorites. How crafty-sweet is that proposal?

05 May 2009

Twilight and Skyline.

New magnets in the shop today. These remind me of These remind me of New York at dusk, street lamps through fog, and old-time photos of city scenes.

Flickr Favorites 20

04 May 2009

Out of Time and Place

{Taken almost a year ago in Vermont}

I've really been enjoying this blog lately, and when I read it today I was overwhelmed with homesickness. I remember foraging for fiddleheads in Vermont with my aunt, who has a degree in botany, along the banks of the creek near my grandmother's house. I think May and June will always make me sentimental, with the season of graduations, and Mother's Day, and Father's Day and all. But I also think my body has just felt out of place here the past few weeks--- as beautiful as New Mexico is, I feel intensely like I am physically missing something. Perhaps rainstorms, or humidity, or more green, or more water, or cloudy days, or misty mornings, or a combination of all of those.

I remember this time last year I was wandering around Boston and Vermont, taking solitary walks with my camera and preparing to say a goodbye of sorts to the land itself. Sometimes I think it was harder to do that than to say goodbye to friends. I can only communicate with the land physically; people I can reach out to across the miles. I still look at those pictures sometimes, and with more frequency lately. It makes me incredibly melancholy.

I'm hoping to journey "back East" this summer, but part of me is almost afraid to tease myself, that I'll give in to nostalgia and turn my visit into a resettling.

I'm not sure why I'm writing this self-indulgent post, exactly, beyond speaking to the importance of other blogs, and how much I enjoy them--- even if they make me wallow in a good bout of selective memory-making.

02 May 2009

Happy Kentucky Derby-Day

The former equestrienne of my girlhood loves these. Made from vintage books, listed in honor of the Kentucky Derby today, and available in the shop.

01 May 2009

Five Senses Friday

This week has been such a blur that I am not even certain what I should post for Five Senses Friday. How is it May already?!

The last few weeks of school and some personal projects are keeping me super busy, but this post is a good reminder to slow down and notice what else is around me--- as was our visit from friends Amy and Scott, who were driving cross-country for the Unique LA show. If you are in Southern California this weekend, definitely go check out their work. Both are such talented artists!

  • Avocados and grapefruit from the CSA box.
  • Lots and lots of spring greens: collard greens, red leaf lettuce, baby spinach.
  • The sagebrush along the highway becoming a more intense, iridescent shade of blue-green
  • Ristras and Christmas lights hanging from the archways of the Mexican restaurant we went to this week.
  • And even though I am no longer a resident or a recent graduate, these photos about Boston made me long for New England.
  • My favorite pair of summer cotton pajamas.
  • The breeze while dining on an outdoor porch at said Mexican restaurant.
  • The herbs are thriving, and the basil scent is more intense every day.
  • Pete Seegeron our local NPR, in observance of International Worker's Day . It reminded me how much I love his voice (and message) and how much his songs remind me of family.
  • Listening to David Sedaris in anticipation of the reading we are going to this weekend!

Friday Finds: Vintage Evening Primrose Print

I am super into yellow lately and tempted not to share this find, since it's vintage and I want it for myself. But at the rate I am tempted by prints and paintings these days, we won't have any room left on our walls.

By surrenderdorothy.

29 April 2009

Flickr Favorites 19

1. you brighten my day, 2. 5 years back

I miss you, dear blog and dear readers. I hope I'll be back with a longer post soon! It's been crazy here.

26 April 2009

Paper Heart

Yet another movie I want to see. But, I want to see anything with Michael Cera. When oh when is the Arrested Development movie coming out?!

Found via Design is Mine.

25 April 2009

And the winner is . . .

nfmgirl won the peacock pendant. Her favorite book when she was small was a collection of Aesop's Fables. I know it probably is not the exact one she is talking about, but the Arthur Rackham edition would be worth owning. He is one of my favorite illustrators.

Anyway, I will be in touch for an address! I hope the winner loves the pendant, and thanks to everyone else who entered! It was so much fun to read the responses--- I recalled many books I loved, and hope to discover some new favorites.

24 April 2009

Five Senses Friday

  • the first popsicle of the season
  • a burger hot off the grill
  • organic champagne mangoes from our CSA box
  • an albino peacock perched on a dark wooden post-- shockingly beautiful
  • blooms opening on the cacti in our backyard
  • baby llamas grazing
  • the buds on the trees turning to leaves, giving us a bit of shade on the patio
  • The first night sleeping with the window open, light blankets, and a fan running
  • the stickiness of geranium leaves
  • dirt between my fingers as I transplanted our herbs, peppers, and broccoli

  • Charcoal, lighter fluid, and lemon juice blending together

  • the cries of peacocks at the farm where I pick up our produce
  • the voice of an old friend on the phone, her babies babbling in the background
  • rediscovering old favorites in my iTunes library

Friday Finds: California Letterpress Print

Dutch Door Press is an amazing letterpress studio based out of San Francisco that is doing a 50-state print set called "Birds and Blooms." I'm enamored with California, above.

23 April 2009

Flickr Favorites 18

1. Fruit Slices, 2. Untitled

I missed doing this on Tuesday. I am looking forward to summer. It's been in the 80s here.

Giveaway Ends Saturday!

Whew. I don't know where the week went. I guess I've just been feeling a little under the weather these days.

I'll return with regular posts soon, but I just wanted to post a little reminder that the peacock pendant giveaway ends this Saturday, April 25. You can enter here.

19 April 2009

Graflex Vintage Camera

I am a complete sucker for tag sales and any sort of art/craft apparatus. So even though I do not have the faintest idea how to use it, I had to snap up this vintage camera on Saturday. It came in an amazing old case with the tripod, plates to expose the film, some expired but unexposed film, and a light meter.

The only thing I know is that it is a Graflex Speed Graphic model. It has all sorts of view finders, gears, and other bells and whistles but I'm not sure what any of them do yet. Do I need a black hood? A flash? No idea.

I did find a Graflex website and Flickr pool--- the results are so stunning! And apparently it's the same model that Weegee used. I'm hoping I can learn how to use this even though I'm still struggling with my Diana.

I'm going to continue doing more research, but if anyone has any information or advice, it would be much appreciated! It's sort of my fantasy to go camping out in rural New Mexico this summer and get all Ansel Adams on the landscape.

18 April 2009

Leaf Cuts

I started following Jenny Lee Fowler's photostream on Flickr after my first experiment with schrenschnitte. She is a super-talented paper cutter, and when I saw her new work with leaves I got all sorts of excited and asked if I could share them here. She was kind enough to oblige!

Jenny also has her own blog and offers custom silhouettes (leaves and paper) in her Etsy shop.

In other news, I picked up a 2" x 4" vintage camera at a tag sale today, along with plates, a light meter, tripod, and unexposed film for ten bucks. I have no idea how to use it, but it looks like fun. Once I take a photo, I'll post it here and beg for advice.

17 April 2009

Five Senses Friday

  • Asparagus and Leek Quiche (see here)
  • Dulce de leche ice cream.
  • The half and half I had to use up from making the quiche, in my coffee. I never have half and half in my coffee. It is divine.
  • The entire mountain range covered by rain clouds
  • The teeniest, tiniest little grey bird flying across our path during a walk. I'm still wondering what is was.
  • A profusion of intensely purple prickly pear along the sidewalk.
  • Someone's chicken ambling through the neighborhood.
  • Running my fingers through our terrier's wiry hair.
  • Cold toes. Spring is being fickle but I refuse to go back to shoes instead of sandals.
  • Apple blossoms.
  • Rain. Even if it is only a few drops, I can smell it here so intensely.
  • These crazy black birds (a grackle?) that make noises like car alarms.
  • Emiliana Torrini, Me and Armini
  • Allison Sattinger, Steady Heart

Friday Finds: Origami Dress

I used to be a person who would only wear black, beige, and denim. The longer I live in a desert, though, the more I long for big, bright color. I now understand why Mexican folk art has such an intense palette.

This impeecable dress from MQuin would be perfect for summer here.
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