24 April 2009

Five Senses Friday

  • the first popsicle of the season
  • a burger hot off the grill
  • organic champagne mangoes from our CSA box
  • an albino peacock perched on a dark wooden post-- shockingly beautiful
  • blooms opening on the cacti in our backyard
  • baby llamas grazing
  • the buds on the trees turning to leaves, giving us a bit of shade on the patio
  • The first night sleeping with the window open, light blankets, and a fan running
  • the stickiness of geranium leaves
  • dirt between my fingers as I transplanted our herbs, peppers, and broccoli

  • Charcoal, lighter fluid, and lemon juice blending together

  • the cries of peacocks at the farm where I pick up our produce
  • the voice of an old friend on the phone, her babies babbling in the background
  • rediscovering old favorites in my iTunes library

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