06 April 2009

Cookout Recipes

This week we picked up our first farm share subscription chock full of organic veggies, and on Sunday we picked up a grill and had our first cookout to celebrate the (hopefully?) end of the crazy wind and dust storms we had all week.

Unfortunately I did not take any pictures, but here are some recipes I tried and loved:

First I made this carrot salad, just without the fancy ribbons and the addition of some cumin and just a pinch of coriander. It was delish! The 101 Cookbooks website is definitely worth browsing, especially if you are into vegetarian and natural foods.

I also adapted this asparagus recipe but grilled whole asparagus stalks instead of sauteeing pieces. It worked really well!

The centerpiece of the meal was marinated portabellas we cooked on the grill in place of burgers. Those are worthy of a photo and a recipe, so I will save that for a future post.

Hope you are having a fabulous Monday!

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