29 November 2007

Inspiration Boards

I already adore the Inspiration Board Blog, and now (thanks to decor8), the Inspiration Board Flickr group! There's so many amazing photos showing different designers' inspirations; four out of hundreds are shown above. It makes me want to organize my very, very, very small "studio space" (an alcove in our one bedroom apartment). Someday soon. I swear.

26 November 2007

Lyndie Dourthe

I'm so happy I found the work (via Blosem) of French artist Lyndie Dourthe. Her "Boite a tresors" and "Anatomie" series really speak to the Victorianist in me. I particularly love the little collection of fabric mushrooms under a bell jar.

25 November 2007

Rachel Denny

This is an amazing new twist on all those hunting trophies I saw during my Vermont childhood. A "domestic trophy" by artist Rachel Denny.

24 November 2007

My Very First Interview

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jaye, a fellow Boston Handmade member. You can read the interview here, on Jaye's blog.

Jaye does amazing work herself, and you can see her Etsy shop here.

20 November 2007

Detail Oriented

As promised, here are some detail shots of doll clothes I made when I was little.

I really, truly wish I had the capability to make an life-size version of this Edwardian blue velvet coat. Here's the full thing:

And here is the tassel detail on the back:
And here is the flip side of the back of the coat, lined in a calico print that compliments the tassel:

Here's the calico lining both sides:
Love is in the details, don't you think?

Snail Mail Swap Now Closed

Thank you to everyone who signed up for my "Celebrate Snail Mail" swap. Letters will go out by December 1st.

Depending on the success of this first swap, I'd like to have another soon!

17 November 2007

"Celebrate Snail Mail" Swap

9/15/2008: Please note that this swap is now closed. I'm not sure where it is linked, but I am not taking any more submissions. Please check more recent blog entries for more recent news! Thank you :)

Isn't stationery great? In the age of email, I love receiving handwritten notes and cards. In honor of the civilized art of correspondence, I'm organizing the first ever "Celebrate Snail Mail" swap. Participants will send one piece of snail mail and receive one piece of snail mail in turn.

If you would like to participate, please email me with your name, email address, and snail mail address. I will reply to all participants with an address and send-by date.

Tiny Clothes by Tiny People, Part 2

Here is the "school outfit" my grandmother and I made years and years ago. She knitted the tiny sweater, and I made the plaid skirt.

Tiny Clothes by Tiny People

I've been thinking a lot about my grandmother lately, and unearthed a box of doll clothes we made together when I was about 8 or 9 years old. Believe it or not, she taught me to do most of this detailed work myself. We worked from a reproduction of early 1900s doll patterns ordered from the Standard Doll Company, whose catalog we used to droll over together. One project we did was this blue velvet coat with calico lining. I wish it came in human size! I will post more detailed pictures of the lining and back details later.

14 November 2007

Jamaica Plain on December 6th

On Thursday, December 6 I will be showing my work in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. This is a group show with other fabulous members of Boston Handmade and is held in conjunction with the Jamaica Plain Centre/South Main Streets. Other local Etsy artists include Reclaimed To You, Muchacha K Handmade, Glamorpuss Creations, and Buddy System Productions.

Hope to see you there!

12 November 2007

Lifestyle Shots

I'm currently experimenting with "lifestyle shots" of my work--- a particular challenge since we live in a dark Victorian house in New England (think old windows and lots of wood).

While the scans of my work show the detail and color, I wanted pictures of cards in use. I think correspondence and nice stationery add a civilized touch in today's technological world. So I loaded a tray with some "civilized" components (tea, anyone?) and shot some pictures outside today.

Both cards in these pictures are available for purchase in my Etsy shop.

Star Light, Star Bright

We were up in Vermont this weekend unexpectedly and for sad rather than positive reasons. I couldn't sleep and walked out in the cold, still morning air to take this picture. I've always loved the play of dark branches against sky . . . I think I'll work with this image in some printmaking after the busy holiday show schedule slows down.

11 November 2007

Stillness in Vermont

A montage of shots I took at my grandmother's house in Vermont. I love the feeling of calm that sweeps over me there. (And on a crafty note, the sewing machine is the one I learned on as a child.)

10 November 2007

Rebecca Thuss

After posting about Raydel Photography, I had to share my favorite image from photographer and stylist Rebecca Thuss (via Oh Joy!).

Her inspiration board and arrangement of model horses really make me wish I had a larger studio space. It also makes me wish I hadn't given away my vast collection of Breyer model horses to a little cousin! I even had the black ones on the left and the bay Morgan horse in the middle of Thuss' collection.

Thuss' arrangement also reminded me of the cards I created on my Gocco a few months back . . . which you can see here and here.

07 November 2007

Raydel Photography

Raydel Photography has been making the rounds in the blog world lately, and I am so glad her Etsy shop is getting some exposure! I love, love, love her photographs of vintage model horses. They remind me of my childhood bedroom all grown up.

06 November 2007

Christmas Card Designs

I've been busy as of late printing new Christmas card designs on my Gocco. I made the commitment to print the whole line on 100% recycled cardstock; I particularly like the look of the prints on kraft paper! They're available individually and in sets in my Etsy shop.

Little Earth

I was just telling my husband the other night that I wanted to start a terrarium (I got a pretty blank look). Unfortunately, I think our current apartment is too dark anyway. But look at the lovely image I happened upon from Ann Wood's blog. I love the mixture of lovely mosses and the little figurine. I'd love to have a collection of bell jars and containers with moss, lichen, and a small miniature here and there.
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