20 November 2007

Detail Oriented

As promised, here are some detail shots of doll clothes I made when I was little.

I really, truly wish I had the capability to make an life-size version of this Edwardian blue velvet coat. Here's the full thing:

And here is the tassel detail on the back:
And here is the flip side of the back of the coat, lined in a calico print that compliments the tassel:

Here's the calico lining both sides:
Love is in the details, don't you think?


Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Are you kidding? You made this when you were a kid?

I couldn't make this today! It's no secret that I have, um, no sewing skills... but wow, you were one *patient* and talented kid.

richtsje said...

Wow, great Angela!
You're right: you'ld wish such a coat would come in human size, I would consider ordering one!

I also loved the knitted sweater&skirt!!

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