17 November 2007

"Celebrate Snail Mail" Swap

9/15/2008: Please note that this swap is now closed. I'm not sure where it is linked, but I am not taking any more submissions. Please check more recent blog entries for more recent news! Thank you :)

Isn't stationery great? In the age of email, I love receiving handwritten notes and cards. In honor of the civilized art of correspondence, I'm organizing the first ever "Celebrate Snail Mail" swap. Participants will send one piece of snail mail and receive one piece of snail mail in turn.

If you would like to participate, please email me with your name, email address, and snail mail address. I will reply to all participants with an address and send-by date.

1 comment:

carta,inc. said...

Hello Angela,
so funny to find your comment. I jsut started Trunkt today!
Have you received the invitations for the holidays show. It will be nice to see you again. Come to visit us!

All the best for you work,

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