14 November 2007

Jamaica Plain on December 6th

On Thursday, December 6 I will be showing my work in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. This is a group show with other fabulous members of Boston Handmade and is held in conjunction with the Jamaica Plain Centre/South Main Streets. Other local Etsy artists include Reclaimed To You, Muchacha K Handmade, Glamorpuss Creations, and Buddy System Productions.

Hope to see you there!


katherine louise said...

You don't know me, but i recently moved back to boston and am a fellow blogger/artist. I love your blog and just wanted to wave a cyber-hello in the hopes that since we both live in boston- we might cross paths. I'll try to make it to your show in JP.
You can check out all that I do at:

Angela said...

Hi Katherine!

We definitely hope to see you there. Going to check out your blog now!

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