02 April 2009

More Diana Camera Pictures

Well, I was hoping that my Diana pictures from our trip to Taos would be really fabulous, but they're not. The batch was pretty overexposed, but I'm also not very happy with the local film processing. This is the second place I've tried that does not "get" the whole Diana thing. They crop photos oddly, and most annoying of all, they edit/don't print the entire roll because the pictures are overexposed and blurry. Um, Diana pictures are supposed to be overexposed and blurry. Why don't you let me take the pictures and I'll let you print them?

Sorry if this post is a bit of a rant. It's annoying to spend money on a service that businesses don't fully provide. One of the things I love about Diana photography is it's unpredictability, but if someone else is editing out the "bad" images I have no idea how other shots turned out! The images I did post here I had to scan, straighten, and re-crop myself (but other than that they are unretouched).

So I have a favor to ask of my readers . . . if you know of an online processing service where you can send your film and that will fully print the roll and send you everything, will you please post the link here? Because I think that is the probably the best option at this point.

You can see my earlier Diana rolls here and here.


Kristen said...

Hey! I don't know where you've been taking your photos to get developed, but I would recommend going to Kurt's Camera Corral on Central. I'm not sure what their printing capabilities are, but they've been around for a thousand years and I'm sure that they would be able to point you in the right direction. There's also someone who's been around forever too on San Mateo, south of Montgomery (it's at a light but I forget the street name) - If they're still in business you might try there too. Let me know if you need any more suggestions! :)

Julia said...

i don't think i know of any places to send you film to. i get mine developed at national camera exchange, which is a twin-cities based chain and i have no idea if they take mail order processing, though if they do, i'd highly recommend them. i am so happy to have found them- the folks in the store are super knowledgeable about all things analog and film-related and never make me feel stupid (even though i ask a LOT of stupid questions!).

i think your photos turned out beautifully :)

Albina Rose said...

I am not familiar with Diana photography, so can't help you with your request. But you have piqued my curiosity and I'm off now to look into this. Good luck!

Jessica Burko said...

I don't know anything about on-line photo services, but there is a fantastic lab in Arlington (outside Boston) that does all my film processing AND I send them everything by mail, you could to. Here's their site: http://www.dorianlab.com/

Angela said...

Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

Aaron said...

I go to toms camera and ink, used to be tjs camera and one hour photo. they have 2 abq locations tramway and montgomery and luisianna and montgomery. they are the place most pro camera shops send it to. if you go to them you can get it done in an hour and they print on matt paper :) they will print all images and will not edit if you tell them

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