18 January 2009

More Diana Photos

After some film processing drama, I finally managed to have the second roll from my Diana Camera printed and scanned. I'm not entirely pleased with this roll (and there were a few shots of dahlias that I was hoping would be lovely, but did not come out at all), but I do realize that part of this camera's charm is its unpredictability with composition and color. It was definitely fun to walk around Albuquerque this past fall with a camera in my hand, getting to know the city.
{The sunrise from our backyard}

{Fall foliage on the trees outside the library.}

{Ristras at the Farmer's Market.}

{A whole truck hung with ristras.}

{A cottonwood tree near the Rio Grande.}

{Same tree, new light.}


Forever Foxed said...

Love the second photo, "fall foliage". I enjoy tinkering around with non-digital cameras; you've inspired me to dig out my fisheye lomo...

Julia said...

i LOVE these. seriously, these are my favorite kinds of photos these days. my first roll with the lomo came out completely blank- the film hadn't been advancing properly. i'm super bummed, but determined to try again. seriously angela, i love these. keep em coming!

Taina said...

You make me want to take my Diana out more! I actually have 3 rolls of film I need to develop. Thanks for reminding me. Gorgeous photos!

Do you have any of the extras for it? I have a Diana F+ and just bought the wide-angle and close-up lens' for it. <3

Sunny Rising Leather said...


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