04 January 2009

2009 Resolutions

I've been putting off doing this long enough, but both Julia and Michelle really inspired me, so I thought I'd finally cave and not only solidify, but publicly post, my resolutions for 2009.

Although I'm a lover of lists (which you know if you read this blog), one reason I've been avoiding resolutions this year is the miscarriage--- it really hammered home the fact that there are a few very big things I want to happen in life that will never quite be under my control. And as someone with a Type A personality, this really eats at me. One thing I'm trying to be better at--- New Year or not--- is letting go of the things that I have no true influence over.

Rather, I think 2009 will be a year to focus on slowing down, letting go, and just counting my blessings. In that spirit, my resolutions are:
  • To get back to enjoying the process of crafting. I want to take a step back from "production" mode and experience more "flow." I want to slow down and just enjoy learning on my new letterpress and take on (and finish) a few personal projects. I would love to make more of my own clothes, as well as a quilt.
  • To be outdoors (and away from the computer) more. We are so lucky that we moved to a place with so much open space and natural beauty. I want to take daily walks with the dogs, and hopefully some more challenging hikes and some weekend camping trips, too.
  • "Only connect." I want to spend more time just hanging out--- with Billy, with family, with new friends. I also want to be better about keeping in touch with our friends who are far away but very much missed!
  • Start a garden. Even if it's just a few containers on our patio, I'd like to grow some of our own food this summer. In 2008, we started composting, baking our own bread, and brewing our own beer. I'd love to grow some fresh veggies in 2009.
  • Continue to practice letting go. While I think it will always be part of my personality to worry and make those to-do lists, I don't want it to dominate my life. I want to find a healthier balance between being busy and motivated, and appreciating the wonderful people and places around me.


T.Allen-Mercado said...

First, {big hugs} I wasn't aware that you'd miscarried. I'm sorry.

A few months ago, I stopped making lists (except groceries). I realized that getting tasks done was perversely more important than how it was that they were getting done. The end didn't justify the means, so I stopped.

I'm one of those, "it shall be done" types too, it leads to a perpetual state of disappointment and fatigue. I've modified my perspective to "it will be done, one day, and if not-perhaps it just wasn't meant to be". Easier said than done, but certainly possible.

Best of luck to you!

TheSeaWithin said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage.

I am a huge list fan too! If I don't write a list I don't get anything done all day! But I don't make New Year's resolutions. I think for me the new year always starts in September because school starts then. I don't think this will ever change for me! I don't really make "resolutions" then but I do usually have goals for the school year. This was my first year not being in school, I have no idea what month it is at any given time. I may switch to having a new year at the real time then!

Claire said...

I just began following your blog, so I didn't hear about your loss. I am so sorry.

Your attitude seems very upbeat and positive, and your reflections on enjoying the flow more than the outcome shows much wisdom.

The outdoors is the most healing place to be. There is a Spanish belief that the birds are messengers between heaven and earth. Why not put up a suet feeder, or a hummingbird feeder where you can look up when you're working and catch sight of them? It will remind you to spend time outdoors and the beauty will inspire your already artistic heart.

Best wishes,

Julia said...

i love your resolutions angela. your comment about me not making resolutions about organizing was so right on. i'm not going to pretend like i'm going to suddenly start making the bed everyday- if i haven't done it yet, well... the little things in life can always be worked on, but i feel like it really is the big picture, our attitude towards life and our ability to enjoy every moment, that's what's really important. i hope this year is as wonderful as can be, you deserve it! much love to you angela. xo

CherryTreeLane said...

I with you on being outside and away from the computer. As much as I am addicted...I know that I need to CLOSE IT and step away more often. Good for you posting your resolutions....

Beth said...

I understand about being a Type A and trying to not control everything around you. That is a struggle for me too. Especially around the holidays with family visiting. It is so hard to not control what they do. Stupid to see in print--how can you control what someone does? But still...

I like your resolutions! I should try them. Especially the getting away from the computer one.

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