07 January 2009

Button Seating Cards

I am a bit late in the game in discovering these, but I love them! What great conversation starters at a wedding reception--- 1" buttons attached to each guest's seating card.
These are from Martha Stewart Weddings (but of course), and I stumbled upon them via two great blogs, Ritzy Bee and Weddingbee.

And now for . . . my shameless plug. A lot of people on both blogs were looking for button suppliers (and especially suppliers that did not require a ridiculously large minimum order). I would love to do custom orders for a project like this. Love. I have a 1" button maker and usually make one-of-a-kind buttons from vintage book illustrations, which would make great conversation starters in and of themselves, but I could also work on designing something special for your event.

You can contact me via email, or through the contact page on my website. And, you can see examples of my vintage book buttons (along with feedback) both on the website and on Etsy.


Athena's Armoury said...

This is such a great idea! Best of luck with it!

Beth said...

What a fantastic idea. Especially customizing them. And I agree-they would be fabulous conversation starters.

Cicada Studio said...

Very clever!

SilverGelatin said...

Those are awesome! One day when I get married I will be soliciting you for a large custom order!

Fraske Designs said...

oh my goodness, best idea!

Joy Ribisi said...

OOOH, What a fun idea! So useful and cute, too!

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