01 January 2009

Everything in Its Place

I've been trying to take it slow today, really I have. But January 1 seems like seems like such a perfect time to organize, make lists (my favorite), and think about goals for the upcoming year.

As I was sorting a pile of old magazines for recycling (a sad way of "taking it slow," I know) I came across these images of ideal craft/work spaces from the April 2008 issue of Martha Stewart. While I'm not usually a girl who loves pink, this compact desk (actually two hinged bookcases; you can see it shut in the third image) is so pretty!

The painted pegboard for hanging different craft tools, along with the fold-up desktop, help with organization in a small space.

I love the Regency-period inspiration and the compactness. It seems ideal for a small workspace. For more computer and business-y type work (and if you have the room for sprawl), I love the ideas here:

The board behind the desk alternates cork and magnetic boards covered in the same blue linen; such a good idea for different ways to stay organized in one unified look!

Do you have any organization tips for the studio? I consistently waver between wanting a beautiful space and being too cheap to spend any real money on setups like the ones seen here. I'd love to hear your thoughts!


gerrijo said...


I try and try but I can never stay organized but I love the idea of being able to close my workspace shut. That would be so beautiful!

My only tip is that I really like using photo boxes to organize in my small space - they look pretty all stacked up and you can find them in just about any color at a good price. That and ikea. I love ikea.

Claire said...

Wow! I want that for my workshop. At least I moved up this year from a card table to a heavier table and shelf. Maybe if people start buying my work...

Smart of you to post this. Good way to make etsy crafters read your blog. Nice looking and very professional.
(HeartSpace on Etsy)

danambrinson said...

This is great inspiration! We have plans to build on an extra room that will double as my creative space AND a guest bedroom. This sort of "hideaway" type storage could be ideal for such a space. Thanks for sharing and allowing us to wish along with you.

kcroteau said...

That desk is great!

And I have the same dilemma as you ("I consistently waver between wanting a beautiful space and being too cheap to spend any real money on setups like the ones seen here.")

But over time I have been purchasing some solid wood pieces from... Ikea. :) They're gonna be a bitch to move in the future, but I love what I've got so far.

And I just purchased some plastic board-things that will allow me to actually organize all my cloth. My stash is going to look professional once I'm done with that task!

Amy Olson Jewelry said...

beautiful photos! I've actually been saving that 'Martha' one forever! a friend of mine sent it to me ages ago! so happy to know you love it too!

Stacey said...

Those are fantastic work spaces, thanks for the inspiration.

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