16 January 2009

Still Here

Whew. It's Friday night and I am just catching my breath. My new position at a national nonprofit, although I am making the decision not to talk much about it here, kept me busy all week and late into the night (and will again tomorrow).

The thing that makes me rather sad is that I have not made anything in weeks. Nor taken a photo. Nor walked the dogs. Nor cooked a homemade meal. Sometimes I find myself wondering aloud why nonprofits ask so much of so few individuals, but I really know that there's no sound answer to that. Sometimes I find myself talking to Obama in my head about community organizing, which, yes, I know is really weird. I keep reminding myself that I am grateful to have any job in this economy, to have a challenging and meaningful job on top of that, and to have a partner that supports what I do with a hot dinner and a foot rub at the end of the day.

Hopefully I'll achieve some balance soon, and I'll be back here with creative updates, including a custom project I'll be finishing this weekend and really enjoyed.

1 comment:

Claire said...

You'll find a better pace, just remember that this is your "one wild and precious life" as Mary Oliver says. It's good you are giving back as part of your livelihood. Keep the faith and continue your plucky grateful attitude. It is refreshing.

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