11 October 2008

Diana Camera: First Look

Well, I am not very pleased with these photos, but I am an amateur and I promised to post my first Diana camera results, so here are the ones I'm happiest with.

These were taken at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta last weekend. I haven't digitally enhanced them, only scanned and cropped the prints since the photo shop neglected to do so (and that is a frustration for another post--- if anyone could recommend a good local lab or mail-away processing, I would be grateful!).

I do like the way the film captured the sunrise in a way my digital camera did not.

The mass ascension was really pretty--- the balloons kept alighting in waves.

I like the colors in this shot, but they are pretty muted--- I think I had the aperture on the wrong setting.

I cannot explain this creepy Ronald McDonald balloon. Who could possibly think that is good advertising?

Up and away they go!

The sky was full of them by the end of the morning. This is only part of the crew.

Well, those are my first results. I have to allow myself to play and not worry about what will be my next craft with Gocco disappearing. I just need time to fool around in a variety of media.

If anyone has any Diana tips (or just film photography tips in general), I would love it if you would post below!


Morrigan said...

My sister lived out there for a few years, those photos bring back some really nice memories!

Debra said...

Oh I love Hot Air Ballons!! Great photos.

Heathen's Hearth said...

They're very good photos. The one where the colors are muted, either you were picking up haze or possibly sun glare. Do you have a filter on your lens? You can get haze filters in pretty standard sizes that should help balance out the muted colors a bit, and it doesn't affect your photos otherwise.

missknits said...

wow those are amazing photos! i love how they came out!

Victoria said...

Very cool photos! What fun it must have been to have seen all of these hot air balloons in the air all at once!

Anonymous said...

I think the muted colors and that foggy haze are what make these pictures beautiful--the difference between this film and digital is distinct. You'll have a lot of fun exploring a new hobby!

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