31 October 2008

Shop Update: Alice and Jane

Since my shop is still associated with Alice Gocco prints I did when first starting out (you can still see an example on Flickr), I thought it was worth noting I listed some Alice pins in the shop today (you can see the new set here and another set here).

Also, thanks to several blog features, the kraft Jane Austen Moleskine has proven really popular! I'm so glad it was a success and wanted to let people know there is only one more left in the shop. That's right, just one! With Gocco supplies being scarce I'm not sure when they will come 'round again.

Thanks to those who have connected with my literary leanings!


Brigid said...

Those are both so wonderful! I know some English majors -- two of whom did theses on Jane Austen -- who would love that notebook.

The Lil Bee said...

I love these!

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