26 October 2008

The Secret Whistle

I had the best dream last night.

In the dream we had three little daughters, and they were inconsolable about something. Suddenly Billy decides to give a secret whistle, and our dog George (whom we lost to canine bone cancer in May 2007) comes prancing around the corner, wiggling with joy. He nuzzles all three girls, cheers them up, and then . . .

dashes into a random voting booth in our living room and VOTES FOR OBAMA.

George comes back out of the booth, looks at us lovingly and wags his tail, and then dashes off into the sunset.

I woke Billy up at like 4 AM to to recount this all for him, and his response was "Well, what does the whistle sound like?!" If only we really knew.


The Lil Bee said...

I love this... for so many reasons:)

bea3855 said...

Like your post; real special.
~ ♥ ~
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You do many nice things; I love this reindeer items. Beautiful!
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picciolo said...

what a lovely dream, you'll have to try out lots of different whistles!
: )

RainbowMom said...

Awww! That's beautiful. What a wonderful dream.

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