19 October 2008

Hip to be Homemade

I know the posts have been featured on new work lately, and I apologize for that, especially since I went on a rant about product-centered blogs recently. I promise to have a recipe (probably for roasted pumpkin seeds) up real soon, I promise.

But I really, really wanted to share my excitement over my first print press--- an article in The Albuquerque Journal profiling local Etsy artisans! That's is me in the picture. I'm making buttons and my precious Gocco is in the background.


Cicada Studio said...

Awesome! Congrats on the press!

picciolo said...

wow congratulations, you made the front page!
: )

June Shin said...

That's so great! Congratulations!

oriental banana said...


Forever Foxed said...

Congratulations! Must be so exciting to make the front page. Good publicity for Etsy too!

Julia said...

congrats angela! very exciting. i'm loving your new work lately.

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