09 October 2008

Just Rub My Tummy and Everything Will Be OK

Thank you to all the people who emailed or left a comment here or on Flickr about Bear. Given that we lost our dog George to canine bone cancer a little more than a year ago, the swelling in Bear's leg has really been freaking me out.

We went to the vet and had X-rays after she was muzzled. I kept insisting cookies would work, but I understand that nobody wants to risk their hand to a Rottweiler. She cried a lot, but was happy to get two car rides today (Oh boy oh boy oh boy!) and is now waiting patiently on the floor of my studio, waiting for another belly rub. I will try to wait just as patiently for a more definitive answer from the vet on Monday.

I guess I better go get to that belly rub.


SilverGelatin said...

I would risk my hand in a Rotties mouth anyday...I risk it in a Pit's every single day...although there's not much risk in that with my Pit! *rubs Bear's belly* I wish you and Bear all the luck!

Nicole R.J. said...

I hope everything turns out ok! Sending some belly-rubbing love to Bear!

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