08 October 2008

Thank You!

A big, big thank you to all the customers who helped me reach 500 sales (and over 1,000 hearts) on Etsy before Paper Menagerie's first birthday. I remember when I was excited to sell my very first card! The feeling never really goes away.

For those who haven't had a chance to shop yet, the celebratory free shipping continues in the until Saturday, October 11.

I'm hoping to be back later today with more free flair pictures and a Bear update.


Cicada Studio said...

Congrats! That's wonderful!

Kristin said...

that's so great-congratulations! on another note hope your pup is okay.

Simba said...

WONDERFUL! I can only hope to be as successful too! ;o)

LOVE YOUR TERRIER Magnets! They are proudly showcased on my fridge! ;o)


June Shin said...

Thats great! congratulations!

Paul said...


How exciting! Congrats!

Tizzalicious said...


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