22 October 2008


I need new clothes. Badly. But I am also broke and told myself that if there was a pile of fabric and patterns in the closet, I could (should) make them . . .
So this Built By Wendy pattern has been sitting on the ironing board for almost a week. The ironing board I bought, erm, just for sewing. Because otherwise I don't iron. Eventually I want to make the longer dress in red. It will be cute, right? If only I get around to actually doing it.

Instead of actually sewing this morning, I made sewing-themed buttons and listed them in the shop.


Estela said...

I love the sewing themed buttons!!
I really need to start making my own clothes too.

June Shin said...

Cute buttons! BTW, you're on etsy's FP now. Congrats!

celestefrittata said...

Lovely buttons! I love retro drawings

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