24 October 2008

Friday Finds: Atherton Lin

I love this calendar from Atherton Lin. I love this calendar from Atherton Lin. Can I say how much I loooooooove this calendar from Atherton Lin? Because it's also a story book, and in their words:

At the centre of the story is a hero who climbs trees, makes recordings, wears corduroy and writes letters. There is a fox in the snow and a badger who chases a balloon. There are trains and radios and anoraks and birds and lucky totems and apartment buildings. There are long summer days indoors and imaginary adventures.

Anything involving great illustration, corduroy and badgers is alright by me!

1 comment:

7seventeengallery said...

Awesome! I love the threads on etsy; they give me more blogs to bookmark and peruse on my lazy, boring mornings... :)

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