15 April 2009

Asparagus and Leek Quiche

Two things: First, I know this blog is getting really "foodie" lately. I'm sorry if you're sick of reading about the new farmshare and my adventures in cooking. Truth be told, I'm so much more in a mood to cook than craft lately--- and I have the thighs to prove it. I think I have been feeling very burned out on "commercial crafting", and rather than force myself into something that I'm just not enjoying these days, it's more fun to be creative in a different (and tasty) vein.

Second, I don't have a recipe for pie crust, because I completely, utterly suck at making pie crust. The irony of this quiche is that I made the filling with organic vegetables and organic dairy products, and then I poured all of that deliciousness into a pre-made, partially hydrogenated shell. Terrible, I know. Sometimes I make a crustless version, but this new recipe seemed to need some pastry goodness. So I cheated and depleted it's nutritional value. So if readers have any pie crust tips, I would love to hear them!

Those two things out of the way, this recipe is awesome. I just came home from work and had another slice. It is from this month's issue of Everyday Food (which, by the way, recommends this crust recipe).


lizzie lou said...

i generally suck at pie crust and tend to rely on frozen puff pastry for most of my crust needs (which i highly recommend - it's 1000 times better than storebought pie crust). however, i tried this recipe from smitten kitchen, and it came out PERFECTLY.

Liz said...

That quiche looks amazing! I love a good quiche.
I am guilty of buying pre-made pie crusts, too. It is just so much easier than making a crust!

I like your food-focused posts, they are definitely still in the vein of crafts. Food can be art! And I'm especially interested in your farmshare and would love to hear more about it...

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