27 February 2009

Friday Finds: Paint by Number Skirt

I've been obsessed with paint-by-number the last few months--- both vintage ones like this and kits that I want to try myself. Sure it's a questionable aesthetic, but it's fun all the same. I love a little vintage kitsch.

For all these reasons, I love this wrap around skirt in a fun paint-by-number print! It's from Katinka Pinka. The Sea Within also had a purse in the same print awhile back, and I can speak to the amazing quality of her handbags--- I've bought two in recent months!


Michelle Johnson said...

Very pretty skirt! I love that style and the fabric is so cute!

KatinkaPinka said...

thanks for featuring my skirt...you have a beautiful blog!

TheSeaWithin said...

Wow! That fabric is so amazing! I love it as a skirt. Hmm... I still have lots of it left... maybe I should make something other than a purse!

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