15 February 2009


Our office/workspace is a mess right now, and I'm trying to make myself gear up for a good spring cleaning session. I could use something like the inspiration wire above (from Sunset).


Tammy said...

That is a simple fix, if you want to do it, yourself. No need for anything other than anchor screws and wire. You can have it up in ten minutes, tops. I like the look and it really does free up a lot of esk space. Inpiration right in ftont of you. I did some spring cleaning today in our home but not my work room. Have to conquer that another day. It feels so good once it is done. No more nagging negative thoughts as you enter into your workspace. Good luck! Play some fun music and grab a drink and go for it.
Tammy ;D

Sunny Rising Leather said...

That picture is really swoon-worthy :)

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