28 February 2009

Succulent Love

We stopped at Lowe's today for potting soil so we could plant our spinach and Swiss chard in the Earth Boxes. While we were there I became enamored with these little succulents they were selling for $3 each. It's my goal to have more plants indoors as well as out, so I transplanted three into a pretty pot for our living room. I love the varying green tones and shapes.It may not be the terrarium I keep talking about, but this little arrangement is so pleasing and easy-peasy. Hopefully I won't kill these little sweeties!
I'm really just longing for live green things. Next up, I want to do an arrangement of ferns under a bell jar, or perhaps a spider plant. These might be harder in dry conditions, so again, I'm welcoming any tips you might have!


Julia said...

i LOVE succulents- unfortunately, they don't always love minnesota. that was one of the best things about living in berkeley, ca- just about every plant in the world thrives there.

TheSeaWithin said...

Beautiful!! I just love succulents. I have a porch full, but I will miss them when I move back to Canada!

Parallax said...

I've recently gotten really into the subtle colors in succulents just like these. And they're hardy little things too -- since I occasionally forget and neglect them.

Inkspot Workshop said...

I am loving these teraniums and heading to Lowes today, hope they too have stock. Wish me luck and thanks for the inspiration.

Lucy said...

Succulents are great! Check out what these girls do with them:
www.succulentluv.com. So creative!

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