13 February 2009

Friday Finds: Pocket Alpaca

Hello, my sweets. I miss blogging and I really, really want to do regular posts again. But life has just not been cooperating. However, life has become more manageable, and I am hoping that over the next few weeks I'll be able to make a slow return.

And now back to our regularly scheduled Friday Find. I almost showed you an amazing vintage find, but I am holding back because I may actually buy it this time! Instead, here's something else I'm enamored with:A pocket alpaca from Daga Design. I also love the penguins, which are now on sale.

(And also, if you are as obsessed with llamas and alpacas as I am, you need to look here.)

1 comment:

danambrinson said...

Thanks so much for the adorable alpacapillar pic link! Made me smile!

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