08 February 2009

The Little Things

First off, I want to thank everyone for their kind and supportive words after my last post. I had a lot of trepidation about moving on (because of what Billy describes as my New England/Puritan work ethic), and it was wonderful and affirming to hear from people who had been there. It's also one of those moments where you realize, Wow, people are actually reading my blog!

This is turning into a more personal blog of sorts, but I hope it does not stay that way. I certainly miss the time I spend creating, and I'm seeking out a few new projects to start. But those posts will just have to come later.

In other news, yesterday was simply wonderful. It was my birthday. In the morning, I don't think I could have been less excited. I think I've been feeling tired and run down in general, and that somehow translated into I feel old. But then the little things kept happening to remind me that even if I am a little older and a little sad about it, I'm still incredibly lucky.

I started the day by doing a one-woman show at a local bakery cafe (the owner, Barb, is the nicest woman ever and if you are local you should visit her shop. The website is here.) It was just so nice to get out, meet more people in Albuquerque, and talk about my work. Barb also sent me home with some delicious treats when she found out it was my birthday. Later in the day, I was really taken aback by the generosity of my family. A few dropped in during the show and they really surprised me with some wonderful gifts--- indulgences that I would not have done for myself and which I am so looking forward to.

The photo above is one of the "little things" from yesterday that made me tear up with joy (and I am not a crier). Billy surprised me with lots of little fun things to open, including some seed packets for starting a garden. The little packet above was set aside from the others, and it's place of honor made me curious. Dahlias are my favorite flower, blooms I always adore at the farmer's market and had in my bridal bouquet. It's not something I would have though Billy would ever taken note of, and the fact that he did, along with the idea of starting a garden together, made me all smiley and sentimental at the same time. Like I said, the little things.


Boston Handmade said...

OMG! Happy (belated) Birthday Angela! Missing you in Boston - xo, Jessica

jen said...

Happy belated Birthday to you. Dahlias are one of my favs, too. It's a lovely thing when hubbies perform surprising acts of love.
Spring IS coming! Have fun.

TheSeaWithin said...

Happy Birthday!

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