01 May 2009

Five Senses Friday

This week has been such a blur that I am not even certain what I should post for Five Senses Friday. How is it May already?!

The last few weeks of school and some personal projects are keeping me super busy, but this post is a good reminder to slow down and notice what else is around me--- as was our visit from friends Amy and Scott, who were driving cross-country for the Unique LA show. If you are in Southern California this weekend, definitely go check out their work. Both are such talented artists!

  • Avocados and grapefruit from the CSA box.
  • Lots and lots of spring greens: collard greens, red leaf lettuce, baby spinach.
  • The sagebrush along the highway becoming a more intense, iridescent shade of blue-green
  • Ristras and Christmas lights hanging from the archways of the Mexican restaurant we went to this week.
  • And even though I am no longer a resident or a recent graduate, these photos about Boston made me long for New England.
  • My favorite pair of summer cotton pajamas.
  • The breeze while dining on an outdoor porch at said Mexican restaurant.
  • The herbs are thriving, and the basil scent is more intense every day.
  • Pete Seegeron our local NPR, in observance of International Worker's Day . It reminded me how much I love his voice (and message) and how much his songs remind me of family.
  • Listening to David Sedaris in anticipation of the reading we are going to this weekend!

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