01 November 2009

Updates, Personal and Otherwise

Hello, dears. I know I've been quiet the past few months! Thanks for being patient. The pregnancy is progressing beautifully and I can't believe I'm in the home stretch of the last trimester. For those of you that were following my baby blog, I made it private simply because I could not keep up with it! Everything is fine, really.

For those of you following the Etsy shop, I'll have a few updates before the holidays--- mostly buttons and magnets, which make great little stocking stuffers. I'm hoping to save up a bit for maternity leave before I put the shop in vacation mode for, well, as long as I need to! Billy has been sweet enough to help me with the button press and is even interested in learning how to Gocco if we get around to it. I'm a lucky girl to have a husband willing to get crafty with me (he also gets a little thrill each time a button set he made sells. Tee hee!).

In the meantime, here are two new sets for those who love the East Coast:

You can buy them here.

1 comment:

jkziel said...

I've been so out of the loop! Congrats on the upcoming arrival! (or if the arrival has already arrived, yay!)

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