18 October 2007

Charley Harper's Birds

Oh Joy! recently had a post on print artist Charley Harper, and I just had to find out more about him. I love the midcentury color palette, I think his prints of birds are particularly gorgeous. It makes me want to learn so much more about printmaking.

There is a great slide show of Harper's print and more on the new book of his work by designer Todd Oldham here.


Nora said...

Those prints are so beautiful, I love how simple they are. Welcome to the blog world!

Field Notes said...

Those are so pretty. I love birds too.

Julia said...

I'm loving your new diggs! Congrats and good luck on this new focus on paper goods.

BTW- I'm still searching for decent frames for the beautiful alice in wonderland prints i bought from you. i feel so sad that I haven't properly hung them up yet. I'm still loving them though.

fustian said...

strange, a friend of mine just sent me Harper stuff lately too. it's definitely gorgeous work.

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