18 October 2007

Meet Chesney

Chesney is my six year old Jack Russell mix who is finally calming down. Chesney came into my life during graduate school at a time when I really needed some furry, unconditional love. He and I have been together ever since. And it was tough on him when I met my husband--- who was referred to (in our human heads, at least) as the "evil stepfather" for quite some time.

Chesney's quirky personality brings humor to my life almost every day, in one form or another. Along with him, my general love of dogs inspired a new line of "dog pun" cards. The "Jack Russell Terrorist" is first in the series, and designs two and three are coming soon!

All card designs are available in my Etsy shop.


Country Morning Crafts said...

Cute dog! I had a Jack Russell mix named Dodger, he was something else! They definately have their own personalities. Great blog!

charlymydog said...

Hi Angela,
I love your Jack Russel cards and featured them on my blog House and Hound. Here's the link:

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