02 December 2007

Terrariums on Flickr

Awhile back I posted about my desire for a terrarium, along with a lovely picture of Ann Wood's version (you can see that post here).

Some Etsy people were very helpful in giving me some advice, and hobbledehoy found a whole Flickr pool of terrarium images! I posted some of the most inspiring above.

I plan on gathering some lichen, moss, and ferns near my family's cabin in Vermont. I wonder if I can do this successfully in winter, or if I need to wait until spring? I'm also shopping around for some cute vintage figurines to place in the container.

All this thinking about plants also reminded me that I'm woefully behind if I want to force paperwhite bulbs in time for Christmas! Oh, the projects I come up with . . .

1 comment:

argylewhale said...

These are beautiful! Good luck with growing your own. I'd love to have some but I'm a horrible plant killer.

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