10 January 2008

A New Year for New Projects

Julia at minecreations posted a list of intended craft projects for 2008.

I, too, am a fastidious keeper of lists. Unfortunately, I can never seem to keep them all in one place. They float into the ether on scraps of old envelopes, random emails to myself I late delete, Post-It notes that the dog eats . . . you get the idea.

So here are my crafty intentions for 2008 for all the world to see:
  1. Get back into sewing. I need to buy a new machine and have an eye on a Janome for my birthday. (The picture above is my grandmother's old Singer that I learned on. My later model Singer does not work well at all.)
  2. Make some clothes for myself. I really want to try the Simplicity patterns put out by Built by Wendy.
  3. Sew some cute, reusable grocery bags.
  4. Experiment with Gocco printing on wood.
  5. Experiment with a combination of Gocco printing and embroidery.
  6. Read The New Gocco Guide by Claire Russell.
  7. Learn needle felting and make little mini versions of my pups.
  8. Keep a sketchbook and draw regularly in it, rather than relying on the vision in my head.
  9. Bind another book with the method I learned from the lovely Angela Liguori.
  10. Knit up the super soft, super luxe bamboo yarn my mom bought me for Christmas!
And yeah, you know this list is bound to get longer.


Livecreations said...

I've got a sewing machine that I've had for a few years and not even used yet!! I would love to make myself some unusual clothes :)

nice blog

Chris Stone said...

On my list? get my Grandmother's old treadle sewing machine working and use it! Oh dear, now I've committed myself....

Julia said...

oh yeah- excellent list, so glad i inspired you to make your own. i highly recommend (as i'm sure you know) the bbw patterns- they are so easy. and i would also recommend her book (sewu) if you're new to pattern sewing- lot's of helpful info and mostly idiot-proof (i should know) instructions and suggestions.

can't wait to see some of these projects.

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