12 January 2008

Writer's Strike Doodles

While I am waiting for more Gocco supplies to be delivered (blast you, UPS!), I've made the resolution to pick up the pen and begin sketching. I usually use vintage illustrations in my designs, but lately I've been wanting to return to my love of drawing. I just hope the abilities I used to have in my high school years come back with practice!

Thursday night I couldn't find my sketchbook, but I did have an old book on hand that I had already torn up for prints. Bored and mourning the last new episode of 30 Rock, I produced these little doodles. I love the interplay of text and drawing.

And mainly, it was fun to do something different, with no thought of whether or not it was perfect! Here's hoping the writer's strike will help me get more creative.


eva said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
As I have mentioned before I am paper addict myself. Buying and buying, because there is never enough :9 I also love books. Your illustrations are good! I know, I could n`t draw on pages, however bad the book might be :)

Amber said...

These are seriously so beautiful in a quirky, whimsical way. I think you should seriously consider selling them and similar doodles in your Etsy shop!

Have a good weekend =)

Recy Vintage & Creations said...

The doodles in your Jane Eyre book are amazing! Will you be selling any of those pages in your Etsy store? I love love LOVE them! (Especially since Jane Eyre is one of my faves!)

Karen Beth

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