05 June 2008

Lists and Lists

I've been running around like crazy and haven't had much time to blog . . . until I was inspired by Julia to answer the questions below. Anyone else want to play? Post your comments or share on your own blog.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Working like crazy to pay my college tuition! In June 1998 I was opening a bagel shop in the morning and waitressing until closing at a Matchbox-car themed pizza joint. Nine years ago was much more memorable--- I was nannying in Provence.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
A year ago my husband and I were meeting with caterers to plan the vegetarian menu for our August wedding. We had sage and squash ravioli, tomato and mozzarella salad, spinach salad . . . oh, and vegetable sushi rolls at cocktail hour! Too bad I didn't have time to eat any of it. My bridal shower was actually a year ago today, and I was so overwhelmed by all the loveliness from the women in my life!

Five snacks you enjoy:

Stoned wheat crackers with extra sharp Cabot Cheddar
Stoned wheat crackers with cream cheese and jalapeno jelly
Edamame with lots of salt and rice vinegar
Rhubarb Crisp (don't tell me it's not a snack)

Five things you'd do if you were a millionaire:
Start a nonprofit for adolescent writers
Buy a country estate and become a gentlewoman farmer
Donate to dog rescue organizations (more)
Quit my job and enjoy the handmade life
Travel abroad more (Spain, New Zealand, and Belize, please!)

Five bad habits:
To-do lists. The same ones. Over and over again.
Compulsive email-checking
Eating sweets late at night
Drinking too much coffee on Sundays
Avoiding cardio like the plague

Five things you like doing:
Trying new recipes
Drinking a cold beer on a sunny porch
Walking my dogs
Making new, neat to-do lists
Writing postcards from faraway places

Five things you'd never wear again:
The hideous blue (sequin!) dress I wore to prom
Overalls with one strap undone
Flannel shirts around my waist
Blossom-style floppy hat

Five favorite toys:

Sewing machine
Digital camera
Computer (Etsy, Flickr, blogs)
Nice blank Moleskine journals


Julia said...

nice answers! the "five things you'd never wear again" ones always crack me up- blossom style floppy hat! hehe.

and yes, those cabot farmers rock my world. good luck with all your list making and packing!

jkziel said...

that was fun to read!

The Lil Bee said...

OK, this is really crazy... I wore a blue sequined strapless dress to the prom, I am obsessed with making lists and subsequently crossing things off on my lists, and i love love love dogs and am always donating to shelters or, in one case, bringing back a puppy from puerto rico! i love your blog but this little quiz really made me smile!

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