05 June 2008

Summer Reading

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I'm hoping that I can carve out a bit of time for some summer reading in the next few weeks. During the school year it feels like, well, homework. Which makes me sad.

I'm very much into short stories these days, which is a genre I used to loathe. After taking a short story class a few years ago, though, I came to respect just how challenging the form is for writers.

My favorite short story collections include:
I'd love to have some recommendations, too, particularly short stories or nonfiction. What are you reading lately?


Julia said...

oh, i've been really into short stories lately too! i've just picked up a couple of old "best american short stories" collections from thrift stores.

i recently read jhumpa lahiri's new collection: unaccustomed earth (so so lovely!), the toughest indian in the world by sherman alexie, and no one belongs here more than you by miranda july.

now i'm on the russian debutante's handbook (not short stories). next up is another short story collection by sandra cisneros that i just bought...

Angela said...

Ooooh, some of those have been on my shelf (and lists) as well! I am dying to read the new Jhumpa Lahiri as well as the new David Sedaris.

I love Sherman Alexie's early work but had a hard time getting into some of his most recent stuff.

Cicada Studio said...

Well, it's not currently on my list, nor is it technically a short story, but I thought Watership Down a fantastic summer read. The chapters are short and it's about all I can stand in the sun to read one at a time. Almost like a little alarm clock saying I've had enough for one day.

And it's quite poignant...

Angela said...

I loved "Watership Down"! That is definitely deserving of a reread. It's been years.

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