28 July 2008

Suprint Results

A few days ago I posted a sunprint tutorial (so easy it was unnecessary, really) and promised to post the final results here. Here are a few scans of the dried sunprints, unedited and uncropped. It's not a perfect craft, and there are some splotches here and there.
Now I'm debating what I should do with these. I thought some Gocco printing inside the "frame" the leaves created might be interesting.
Or I could always make some pinback buttons with a little sunprint detail.
What do you think? Any ideas?

{A little note . . . I promise my next post will not center around this color blue, as much as I love it!}


Cicada Studio said...

I especially like the rosemary and the last one (I can't identify). Maybe you can make some sort of notebook cover out of them?

jkziel said...

I must order a sunprint kit!

Very pretty!

I'd love them as pretty notecards

a notebook like Michelle suggested would be wonderful too!

High Desert Diva said...

These are very cool...I'd never heard of this process before

Angela said...

I may experiment with notecards--- perhaps sewing a print detail onto a kraft paper notecard?

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