10 July 2008

Settling In

We have finally arrived in Albuquerque! Our trip from Boston was smooth and uneventful (save for the foolish idea of pulling off the highway in a torrential downpour in Colorado--- downpours in Colorado create mud pits). We stopped at a big family event in Boulder along the way, and celebrated our arrival by satisfying a craving for margaritas and tamales at El Pinto, a favorite Mexican restaurant.

I like the efforts to settle in to a new place, establishing routines that make it feel like home. I joined the neighborhood food co-op today, and tonight we're off to watch a movie under the stars. Little things like getting a library card and walking to the store are helping me feel my way around.

Most of the Etsy shop has been relisted, and I'm printing up a very cute custom order this week that I'll share later. I'm still planning a big shop redesign for September, and am very excited about new starts all around!


designsbylulubelle.etsy.com said...

Congratulations on your big move, I'm glad it went smoothly. I never got a chance to say hello at the BH Marketplace. I hope that things go really well for you there. We'll certainly miss you.


Cicada Studio said...

I'm happy for your safe arrival. Congrats on the move- and all the fun and exploration that goes along with it. New Mexico is such a unique place. I hope you have lots of of great adventures.

Julia said...

can't wait to see more of your explorations around your new home! i've only been to nm once- on the world's most dysfunctional family vacation to santa fe. my mom and i always talk about going back since we didn't really get to enjoy it the first time! until then, i'll live vicariously through your photos

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