24 September 2008

Joseph's Parrot

One of my favorite artists is Joseph Cornell, a collage and assemblage artist from the 1940s who worked with found papers and constructed amazing little boxes. Some of my favorite works of his are boxes featuring birds:
Not that I am comparing myself to Cornell by any means, but I was so tickled to discover my own little found parrot the other day. I made him into a sweet button, paired with a swirly blue sky that reminds me of some of Cornell's other works.The buttons are available in the shop.


Carolin said...

Aww, the button of the blue parrot is very cute. I adore bird illustrations, books like John Gould's "The Birds of Australia" make me smile happily. I really need to check Joseph Cornell's work out!

esque said...

The little parrot is adorable! He looks so friendly!
Thanks for introducing me to Joseph Cornell's work - truly inspiring!

VieiraGirl said...

Great parrot.Love your work!

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