27 September 2008

Vintage Holiday Images

I am still behind on my holiday card line, and I can feel the clock ticking. I've even tried listening to my favorite Christmas albums (The Christmas Songby Nat King Cole and A Charlie Brown Christmas) while nibbling on cookies and drinking tea. But it is still 80-plus degrees here, and the Gocco fires have yet to warm after my last disaster.
While waiting for the mood to strike I stumbled upon a lovely collection of vintage clippings on Flickr, and Page was generous enough to let me share them. I love, love, love the departure from traditional red and green in some of these. I've already purchase my supplies, so these won't be a direct inspiration for my cards this year, but they do remind me a bit of these.

What do you think? Are you a red-white-and-green person, or do you like the mod touches of pink and turquoise in some of these?


littlebrownpen said...

I lean toward the mod/retro images. Do a google search for "retro ornaments" - the results are delicious! Isn't this a fun time of year?

Kari said...

Those are really cute!

I'm more of a homey, comfy type style. If that makes any sense at all.

Contrariwise said...

These bring back memories. (I especially like the little birds.)

Thanks for sharing.

High Desert Diva said...

These are great! The top image is my favorite.

jkziel said...

very lovely. I look forward to seeing what you do

erinberry said...

Great images! Mid-century illustration is the best :)

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