16 September 2008

One of Those Days Part 2

Yesterday was such a rough day that I pretty much whined to anyone who would listen, including Bear. Her mournful eyes make her a good listener. I don't know if it is hormones on top of life's usual stresses or what, but the Gocco failures really had me down.

I woke up feeling better, because I realized two positive things came out of my crafting disaster yesterday. One, I decided I wasn't as happy with my holiday designs as I thought. Why not take the needed break to tweak them a bit more? The second positive thing that happened is after all my crying about ruining my supply of Gocco screens (thankfully I had a last big order on the way), someone in the Etsy fora mentioned a bulbless alternative that is still in production. I haven't tried them yet, but I like the idea of getting away from the toxic bulbs, especially now that I'm pregnant (latex gloves are my friend). You can check them out here.

See? To use that old cliche, lemonade from lemons.


Julia said...

so glad your day ended up a bit better! i always get frustrated like that when i ruin polaroids too! can't wait to see your final holiday designs.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Yay that something ended up getting better out of the challenge you experienced: sometimes there's an ogre right before the doorway to something even better - the trick is just passing through :)

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