16 September 2008

Must Love Dogs

Sometimes my husband rolls his eyes when the couch is full of dogs, or when I describe Chesney and Bear as the "loves of my life." I don't care; I love dogs fully and completely and unabashedly.

I was excited to discover a little vintage page full of different dog breeds . . . and made them into buttons. All three sets pictured above are available in the shop.


Kari said...

Those are really cute buttons and are perfect for dog lovers!

Start To Finish Supplies said...

Cute buttons! I love dogs to!!

SilverGelatin said...

i looovee dogs as well!! you should see if you can find some vintage pit bull images......

Melly D said...

I love your work, and your blog. I too LOVE dogs unabashedly! Esp. my own, Simba..who is also the inspiration behind my art/craft business!

Take care, and give your pups some extra hugs during this sad time. Mine is always an extra comfort. They just know how to make you feel better about moving forward.



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