14 December 2008

Cheese Log, Lady Fingers . . .

Yesterday, in the midst of party preparations, I did something incredibly stupid. I was making this cheese log, and the recipe calls for blending all ingredients with an electric mixer. Well, we don't have an electric mixer (I keep meaning to replace our old one), but we do have an immersion blender. So I used that, and got it jammed with cheese in about three seconds. So I stuck my fingers in the blades to unjam it. AND THEN I TURNED THE BLENDER ON.

It was one of those weird slow-motion moments that went from What the? to Ow, that kind of hurt to OH MY GOD I AM GUSHING BLOOD INTO THE BOWL LIKE MAD AND HAVE NO FINGERNAIL. The dogs were traumatized, I was traumatized, and Billy had to run home to bring me to the emergency room for a tetanus shot and some serious bandaging.

Last night eggnog and bourbon helped, but today it's a bit sore. This makes some last-minute gift making a bit more challenging. Hey, I can handle a challenge. Our ugly sweater party went off without a hitch, and my finger made for some good conversation (although people were understandably nervous about the second cheese log).


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Ouch! My mind kinda works like that too-I'm my own occupational hazard. I'm glad your party went well and the two of you look dashing in egg nog induced smiles and ugly sweaters. Happy holidays!

Amy Olson Jewelry said...

could you be any cuter? sorry about your finger, sweets!

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