16 December 2008

Hello From Snowy Albuquerque

My New England heart is glad today. It snowed all day yesterday, and even though it wasn't much in my book, people tend to freak out and stay indoors here. Which is a-okay by me; I spent the snowy evening making one little Black Apple doll for my niece. Sadly, my skills have declined in recent years. I used to make jointed teddy bears, for Pete's sake, and this felt doll's head is all lumpy. But that is the great thing about making presents for toddlers--- they are not perfectionists. I'm knitting this doll a tiny scarf and cap today, and am also starting on a little friend for her, while the snow thaws out.

Oh, and I'll be posting a giveaway for the website later this afternoon.

1 comment:

Andrea Q said...

We've got snow in Vegas, too! And "my New England heart" is joyful, as well. Happy sewing!

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