03 December 2008

Tutorial: Junk Mail Stickers

I know that my posts have been increasingly business-focused lately, and I apologize for that. I've been really consumed with launching the new website and some other side projects, but I realize it's probably made for really boring reading. That's why today seemed like a perfect time to do another tutorial! I've been making these stickers for awhile and often include them as freebies with Etsy orders. They're quick, easy, and a great way to reuse pretty papers that you would otherwise throw away. Please, just forgive the dark photos that follow, since I did these last night in front of the television.

You will need a craft punch in the shape of your choice. I'm partial to the Martha Stewart ones, but be advised that simpler shapes work better; ornate shapes will likely tear when you try to go and use the sticker. You will also need a bone folder and a Xyron sticker maker. Finally, gather some junk mail that you can reuse. I'm partial to the Paper Source and Anthropologie catalogs for two very specific reasons: 1) they have pretty prints that translate well into stickers and 2) the paper is matte and a heavier quality than most junk mail, making more durable stickers. And now I need to make the disclaimer where I say I receive these catalogs anyway, and that if you go and request them it's not really recycling in your craft. Okay? Okay.

First, take your craft punch and punch some shapes. Use the window on the back to position patterns and prints and crop out anything you don't want to show up.Next, take your shape and feed it into the Xyron sticker maker. Use the line in the center to feed your shape in the direction you want it.From the bottom of the machine, pull the sticker through. There are two layers, with your shape being sandwiched in the middle--- an adhesive layer and a backing. Your shape is being coated with adhesive as it is being pulled through the machine (I should note here that Xyron makes two kinds of cartridges for the sticker maker--- permanent and repositionable. Both are archival, but your junk mail probably is not).
When you are ready, tear the sticker sheet off. Rub over the sheet (and especially around the edges of your shapes) with the bone folder.Then peel the mylar sheet away from the backing. Ta-DA! Now you have some sweet little stickers.Keep going to your heart's content. These are addictive and a great, cheery little way to seal up your Christmas cards and packages. Happy sticker making!


Gallery Juana said...

Thanks for the tutorial! Definitely a neat and fun idea.

The Little Illustrator said...

i didn't know about the sticker maker-awesome! something to add to the xmas list

T.Allen-Mercado said...

How cool! I think I have just the person to be my sticker maker in mind, thanks for sharing.

krystyna81 said...

what a cute idea! my 3 yr old would love to do this.

ThePeachTree said...

Holy cow!! the new website looks fantastic :) It must feel so good to see all of your hard work and dedication come to fruition!

Simba said...

sooo cool!!


picciolo said...

lovely to see how you make your stickers, especially as I have some of them
: )

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