29 March 2009

A Cold Weekend

It was cold here this weekend, which means this is what I saw when I let the dogs out in the morning.

It also meant that I worried about our garden, covered the spinach, and brought the geranium indoors. Bloom, little flower, bloom!

It also meant, since it was cold and the end of spring break, that I went to not one, but two movies this weekend. First I caught a matinee of Sunshine Cleaning (filmed locally!) with a friend. Then Billy and I saw I Love You Man, and since we're in a new-ish city in the process of making adult friendships, we found the movie all the more hilarious. But what inevitability happens when I finally go to a movie is that I want to see more. There was a trailer for Away We Go (play above), another film written by Dave Eggers. It looks lovely and touching and funny and smart. And does anyone know who is singing in the trailer? Because it sounds vaguely familiar but I can't quite place the music.

Oh, and if you have not watched the Where the Wild Things Are trailer below . . .

1 comment:

Amy Olson Jewelry said...

you're always sharing the BEST movie recommendations! this one looks great and I have the 'Quiet Man' que'ed up in my DVD player right now even :) we are looking forward to seeing both 'Sunshine Cleaner's' and 'I Love You, Man'. oh, and we think the singer might be Alexi Murdoch. btw- we'll be in Albequerque in April :) I'll be in touch with details!

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