21 March 2009

A Spring Manifesto

I seriously love it when one of my favorite bloggers, Julia, publishes her seasonal manifestos. It's such inspiration for me to sit and reflect on what I have to look forward to in the months to come. Sometimes I operate more on a "to-do" list level, and I like that these manifestos (more here, here, and here) urge us to slow down and enjoy life rather than ticking things off a list.

So without further ado, here is my spring manifesto:

  • Keep on nurturing our little garden. We have little seedlings that are thriving now, and I can't wait to enjoy our harvest. It feels so good to come home from work to water and get my hands in the dirt.
  • Enjoy the fact that we now have a yard. Sit on the patio with each other, with coffee or beer and a game of cribbage, throw the ball to the dogs and enjoy the cooing of our neighborhood doves.
  • Cook from our garden and from the CSA box we just signed up for. I'm hoping that a random box of fruits and veggies, supplement by our own little garden and the farmers market, will inspire me to think outside the box, to try new recipes and combinations.
  • Take more pictures. I've been loving my Diana camera and spring is so beautiful and fleeting, even here. I want to capture a tiny piece of it.
  • Explore. With my camera or otherwise. We live in a beautiful place, and I still feel like I've seen only one tiny piece of it. Perhaps after Taos, Jemez Springs is next.
  • Let it flow. Lately my fingers have been itching to do some drawing and writing more than printing. I'm happy to let the inspiration come and go and create however I see fit, even if it is unrelated to the shop.
Thanks, Julia! That's always harder than I think, but so very satisfying.


Amy Olson Jewelry said...

sounds dreamy, Angela! go with it and enjoy every bit of Spring!

jen said...

Great post...and now, you have inspired me!
I've always been a 'get what you can get done today' kind of list maker, but I should definately get those seasonal goals on paper!
Happy Spring!

Julia said...

i love your list! happy spring dear friend :)

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