30 March 2009

I Have Issues

There is one other reason I cannot go see movies in the theater. What have I spent an inordinate amount of time doing this evening? Tracking down the yellow shirt that Rashida Jones wears in I Love You, Man. I want this shirt. Have to have it. Even looked up the film's costume designer on IMDB. Turns out a lot of other bloggers did, too, because through posts like this one I found out that not only is the shirt far, far, far out of my price range, it is (thankfully, because I am sick) sold out.

Maybe I need to dust off the sewing machine and try to make it. It's a basic yellow cotton top with some circles hemmed and layered, right? Maybe it can sit unfinished with the Built by Wendy dress I started. Oooh, wait! I just realized that the BBW dress pattern has a shirt option. Which I could pin little circles onto . . .

I knew there was a reason I started this rambling post! Any advice, my lovely seamstresses?


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Once you start speaking seamstress-ese, I'm no more good. I have a sewing machine. I made two pillows. That is all. I'm sure you'll get lots of help, it really seems pretty basic, but again I made two pillows one expletive filled (I may have even cried) afternoon. Great color though!!

Angela said...

I freaking adore yellow!

Jessica Marie said...

that shirt is beautiful. i want it now too!

Julia said...

i love the shirt! you can totally make it! here's my advice...the best thing about that bbw pattern is the different versions- and how you can mix and match different elements of the different versions together. the first time i made it, i didn't have any elastic or a zipper, so i made the neckline from the dress but used buttons instead of a zipper. and it was the length of the shirt.

i would suggest doing the dress version, but the length of the shirt, and shortening the sleeves (don't use the elastic though, i think that would look weird with the "shingles"), then make little circles and sew them on as shingles like the yellow shirt. and there you go. :)

Kellybot said...

Uh, alchemy request? Find a local sewer?
Those options gotta be cheaper than $750.
Good luck - it's adorable!
ps - during the movie, did you otherwise laugh until coke came out of your nose? I did.

melroska said...

I loved that shirt too, it's such a nice shade of yellow. good luck!

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