29 March 2009

Oppose HR 875

While I usually try to remain apolitical on this blog, as that's not what my area of expertise is nor where most of my readership comes from, there is a very important bill in the House of Representatives right now that threatens local farmers markets and sustainable, small farming practices. You can read more about the bill here, and if you scroll down on that page, there are form letters you can copy and paste to send to your Congressperson.

As someone who tries to eat locally and organic as much as I can, I really, really hope this bill (introduced by the spouse of a political consultant for Monsanto, a huge agri-business) does not pass!

I have already contacted my local representative and hope others do the same.

{The image above is by Christopher Silas and can be downloaded here.}

1 comment:

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Thanks for sharing this-I'll have to have a look.

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